Information about the sessions

All 1:1 sessions, readings and groups are distance sessions. That means that the sessions are performed with me and the clients being in different locations geographically. This does not affect the result, the effect of the healing session is the same as that of a regular session.

During the group sessions I work with all the participants on the time stated of each group. There is no contact within the group during the sessions, by phone or by any other communication, but all clients are welcome to contact me if they have questions about the enrgywork, the process or about the experience.

During the 1:1 sessions I perform the healing session at the time of the appointment, We then connect through FaceTime to go over the information given during the session.

Akashic Readings are prepared before the scheduled session. I channel the information and the answers of the questions the days before the appointment. Then during the booked Face Time session I go through all the information with the client. Afterwards the client recieves the reading by email.

How do I register?

Contact me here for registration.

You can also register through email or DM on Instagram.
I need your full name for the healing sessions and readings.

Please register the group healing sessions at the latest at CET 7.30 pm / 19.30 on the day of the session.

How do I pay?

For international clients the payment is made through Paypal. Clients in Sweden use Swishfaktura.


1:1 Healing Sessions

The Mahatma Energy

The Rays of Light

2 h - €105

Group Distancehealing Sessions

For all groupe distancehealing sessions the registration is made either session by session, or by two choices of packages registered by month of the calender.

all 25 min groups - €5/session

all 50 min groups - €10/session

Monthly Healing LARGE

Access to all weekly group healing sessions for the entire month


Registration is made according to the months of the calendar. Register to join sessions at the latest at CET 7.30 pm / 19.30 on the same day. 

Monthly Healing SMALL

1 set group of 25 minutes 


1 set group of 50 minutes


(example: The Mahatma Energy Wed 9-9.25 pm


Healing of the 10 Archangels Sun 8.30-9.20 pm during all of November)

Registration is made according to the months of the calendar. 

Akashic Reading of your Higher Soul and Life Mission

6 h channeling and session - €350

Akashic Reading

3h channeling and session - €160

Coaching Session

1 h - €75

What time zone do you use?

I work from Sweden, so the times stated are CET, or time zone of Sweden.

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