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My name is Erica and I work with healing, channeling and Akashic Reading. On this page you will find information about the lightwork that I provide. There are healing sessions - 1:1 with channeled information/reading, distance healing group sessions to join each week - and Akashic Readings, and they all work towards the same goal: that you as a client reach your soul connection, your own, clear channel and intuition, and the higher mission of your soul. I am Swedish and I work from Sweden, but all clients worldwide are welcome. 

I offer groupe distance healing sessions each week - there are 2 groups each Wednesday: The 7 Rays of Light and TheMahatma Energy.

The group sessions has one clear purpose: to focus on the strength of my work, the foundation of my work, but not only of my work but on the foundation on the evolution of Light of this planet and of all of humans. This foundation of Light is The Rays of Light and The Mahatma Energy.

One night each week. Two groups providing all that you need in terms of spiritual work. The only thing that you have to do is join, set your clear intention, and allow your soul to work through this process. It has never been easier. If you wish to know more about the sessions, there is more info here

You are welcome to book your session through the form CONTACT & BOOKING. Of course, you are welcome to reach out to me via email, phone or DM on Instagram as well.

You can read more about the different kinds of sessions and readings, and about me, by clicking the menu.

If you are a new client and you haven't yet attended a 1:1 session you are welcome to book a FREE 15 MIN CONSULTATION via FaceTime. Then we can talk and find the best option for you. You are welcome to this free consultation even if you attended the distance group healing sessions. Book your free consultation HERE.

All the sessions are distance sessions. Afterwards you receive your readings and channelings to your email.

Payment for international clients is made via Paypal.

On Instagram I share news and channeled information from the energy work and sessions - follow me there!

Join me if you feel drawn to this clear work, to your soul and your monad, to Light.


Light & Love,

Erica Segerblom

This is what some of my clients have to say about this work:

"There was so much that opened up to be healed, and with the higher dimensions came a sense of peace that I never experienced in my life. The Akashic Reading also put me in connection with my Soul Mission sooner, and it has already resulted in an education and the development of skills I didn't know that I had."

"I have from the beginning experienced Erica as an incredibly knowledgeable, professional and warm person, who in a loving way has helped me through all my experiences since I started with this healing work."

"My life has taken a complete 180° turn and for lack of words I can only say that it's nothing but a miracle. Friends, families and coworkers have all asked me what happened to the sad, depressed guy. I went from a radical young man to a spiritual one, from a broken down man to a strong individual who's working towards a higher purpose in life and it all started with Erica's help to heal me from within. I wish that every person would take this leap of faith to see how powerful this stuff really is."

"My work with meditation has expanded since my consciousness responds in a clearer way, and I have been given techniques through Erica and the healing work to develop further. It is and has been a magical journey - GREATFUL."

"I had distance healing, worked with the Rays of Light, individually and in group sessions, and I can warmly recommend Erica, always professional, serious and confirming."

"Erica have given me more than I can express in a few lines. E.g: Faith in my gut feelings, stability and joy, a sort of fullness deep in my soul, increased self confidence. Several tools for meditation practices and self development have come from the Akashic Readings."

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