Healing - Channeling - Akashic Reading - Sacred Art 

Erica Segerblom

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Healing - Channeling - Akashic Reading - Sacred Art

-Akashic Reading- 

Akashic Reading of your higher Soul and Life Mission 

  Mini Akashic Reading -
3 Questions of your choice


The Mahatma Energy / The Avatar of Synthesis
The Rays of Light -
Lightwork with the Rays of Light:
Rays 1-7
Rays 8-12
Rays 13-16 

22 Chakras

Monadic Healing of the Heart

Connecting to Mother Earth
Healing of the 10 Archangels 

 Archangel Metatron and the Light

1:1 Readings and Sessions - 
Weekly group distance healing sessions


All sessions are distance sessions and available for clients worldwide

 -Sacred Art- 

The Seals of the Archangels  

 Paintings with channeled energy of the Archangels of the 7 Rays of Light to use in meditation


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