Akashic Reading 

Akashic Reading - channeled writing carrying information from the Akashic Records. The answers come from your Soul and god presence - your higher truth through the Akashic Records - where you get access to a higher perspective of your true identity on a higher plane.

The Akashic Records, or The Book of Life as it is also called, is usually described as a library of information of all of this universe. It is a vibrational space holding all information of all that ever happened and will ever happen, about the clear structures behind all existence, the purpose of all and of the divine plan of all. It holds all clear inormation of your soul, your soul's journey and the divine plan of you and your soul. During an Akashic Reading I channel the information of your space within the Records - your Akashic Records.

I offer an Akashic Reading with the focus of your Soul Mission, the origin or quality of your soul and your higher purpose or mission, see below, and there is also an Akashic Reading where we will focus of an area of your choice in need of clarity or guidance.

An Akashic Reading is usually a deeply healing experinece through the understanding or given clarity of an issue. It brings clear guidance, but also techniques and keys to reach solutions and progress. But each connection to the Akasha also brings you into higher levels of vibration and consciousness, since it works as a portal of healing and light. It is an amazing tool and I truly recommend using it to proceed in your spirituality, gain higher understanding, insight and knowledge, and to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Akashic Reading of 

Your Higher or Greater Mission
Channeled Reading of
The Akashic Records

€350 - 6h

The Reading is a total of 6h Akashic Reading channeled into written text done beforehand - 3h and a booked 1:1 session over FaceTime to go through the channeling - 3h, plus typing and receiving of the Akashic Reading through email

During this session we look at your Higher or Greater Mission - the mission of your soul, reached when you step into the higher levels of soul consiousness at the end of all incarnations of earth. 

We will also look at the Soul Mission of this life - what you are meant to accomplish in this incarnation according to the highest plan of your Soul.

You get information about the qualities of your Soul and why you are here on earth, and about the greater light work or projects that your soul is connected to, what Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters are connected to you and to your mission. You will also learn how to develop a connection with them. 

During the Reading we work with the areas concerning your Soul Mission - what you are meant to accomplish, but also how to get there - what needs to be cleared in terms of blocks etc. You receive spiritual tools and techniques to resolve the issues and to reach your highest potential in this life. 

This is an opportunity to connect to the energy of your own Soul, and to yourself on a higher level - your identity on a higher dimension, and what your life and Soul Mission truly are about. Akashic Reading of your Higher Soul and Life Mission often brings a sense of clarity and purpose. It gives clear focus of the reason that we are here, what we are meant to do and how to reach our task.

The channeling is in writing and is done beforehand. The time of work of the channeling is 3 hours plus time for rewriting.

During your booked session of 3 hours we will go through the information over FaceTime. 

The channeled text of the Akashic Records is sent to your email afterwards. 

Your are welcome to contact me here to book your Reading!

 Coaching Session after your Akashic Reading 

60 min €80

Coaching session available after your Akashic Reading 

This session is a distance coaching session available after or in connection to your Akashic Reading. This can be a lot to sort out on your own, so this session is an open space for you to get more clarification, to ask questions about the reading and the information, to share your thoughts and to get more insight on the techniques.

This session is a distance coaching session over FaceTime.

Akashic Reading - 1 area of focus

1 h Channeled Reading of

The Akashic Records


Akashic Reading 1h - 1 area of focus of your choice. 

The reading is sent to you via e-mail.

Here is an opportunity to get clarity about the areas that are on your mind. You as a client decide what area to focus on. The time spent on performing the reading is 1 hour, and it is then sent to you by email. 

I am happy to help with any need of forming a clear question or focus. This could be regarding the cause of a block or a problem, finding solutions to situations - paths forward regarding specific areas. We can also look at previous lives, spiritual structures or connections, or the clear purpose of something. You are most welcome to connect to me about what is possible in terms of questions and areas of work.

Please observe that we will only channel answers about you, and never about anyone else.

The channeled text of the Akashic Records is sent to your email within 10 days.

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