In this blog I will share things regarding my work - the clear work of the soul - every now and then. I will write about things that will help you in your work with these techiques: about healing or vibrational work, meditation and Akashic Reading, about The Rays of Light, provide deeper explanations, tips and advice, and I will share channelled information etc. 

Welcome to my blog!

In my most recent post we started to talk about what "Discipleship of the New Age" actually means with a clear description of the term "discipleship". This post is the second part, explaining clearly the term "The New Age" ("Den Nya Tidsåldern" på svenska). We see it everywhere, but what does it actually mean?

I would like to explain clearly the important and frequently used terms of "discipleship" and "The New Age". These words are often used, but rarely explained or clearly understood. Since they are important for the foundation and clear purpose of all the work that I provide, I wish to explain them in a way so that it is clear what...