About Me

"I work with intentionally finding the presence of the Soul within ourselves, and then to expand it, so that this version, or vibration, becomes our primary identity and expression"

-Erica Segerblom-


All my work strives towards one thing - the highest level of consciousness for my clients. I offer many various techniques and sessions, but this is the foundation or the goal of all: to clear that what holds the levels of soul consciousness apart from where we are, and to provide work and techniques to further accelerate the process of attaining these levels of beingness. These are the levels of soul connection, of embodying soul consciousness, of the Greater Soul Mission, of reaching ascension and of completing it. It is the levels of light, love, abundance, joy, creativity, bliss, clarity and of service. This is my highest mission and our mission together and all I do works towards this.

I work with Light and Soul work through different forms of higher energywork - channeling of the Akashic Records, channelings of the Ashrams of the Rays of Light, and the Ascended Masters, 1:1 distancehealing sessions and group distancehealing sessions, and through channeled paintings - Sacred Art - where the paintings can be used as a complement in connecting to higher levels of light or to contact Archangels.

My task is to give access to clear and easy techniques to integrate the soul, or to reach the fifth dimension, to get clarity about our Soul Mission and to provide clear techniques and information on how to reach and how to execute this.

In the Akashic Readings I channel higher information on soul and monad level. I offer a reading with focus of the Soul Mission, but there is also the possibility to ask you own questions in the Mini Reading of your choice. In these sessions we might also work with information of past lives.

In all my healing sessions I work with the Mahatma Energy, which is the foundation of all my work together with the Rays of Light and the Archangels. My sessions focuses on raising the vibrational frequency, building of the Lightbody and the physical Lightbody, opening of the third eye and our intuition, opening of the heart, connecting to the soul and the monad, grounding us into Mother Earth, and laying the foundation for building the Antahkarana. All energywork is also deeply cleansing of the lower levels.

 All my life I have felt a connection to a higher presence. I have always known that this will be my path and task. For more than twenty years I have worked with myself and my channel, through meditation and guidance from Archangels, Ascended Masters and from the Akashic Records. This is also how I get most of my information and higher spiritaul education. I truely believe that higher education of Light comes from the path within, and I always strive for the highest knowledge and progress for myself and for my clients.

I am also focused on building a strong foundation of the channels of my clients and their own connections to higher levels of Light, Love and Wisdom. 

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