About Me & My Work

I am a clear channel of the clear work of the soul. This work holds the connections to, and the information given from the levels of complete clarity of earth. The source of my work and of my information, and the education of the soul that I provide, comes from The Mahatma, which is a cluster of clear vibrational presence just below the godhead, or the level of Source of this universe, with the sole purpose of bringing beings, spaces, planets and evolution into their next clear step of godly presence or existence.

My work is also made in collaboration with the Ashrams of the Rays of Light and with the Hierarchy of Light, focused on the work and expansion of the Rays within earthly realms. These are the sources of all the knowledge, information, and the clear work of vibration or healing that I provide, and the goal is always this: to provide a clear space of my client's own connections to their soul connections, and then their own held or anchored soul-vibration within their own field of light or vibration, in order to bring their clear connection of their evolutionary step, according to their divine plan of this time, this level and incarnation. Also to provide completely clear knowledge as it is seen and shared on the clear levels of existence beyond earth in clear evolution.

These are the teachings of the soul as it is seen in all clear cores of all spiritual tradition of our time, and of all times of earth, and the core is always this: we are all made through the love of God, into the presence of God through all existence. The purpose is always this: to hold more of this godly presence through all existence in time. The education or evolution will never cease to exist - it is always this.

On earth, and in this work, this is our focus: to be more of our clear godly core, to see more of our soul's existence, and to share more of our heart's clear presence. This is it. This is our sole purpose. This work, this training, this clear education of our soul only brings this; the clear presence of the Source of our universe through our being into all. There are many paths, this is one. Shared with one distinction: it is the work of all, made on the path of all, reached by all in their perfect time in their planned evolution.

I am here in this time to provide access to these clear connections, clear information of distinctions of structures, of terms often used but seldom seen clearly. If this work is longed for, then I am here.

- Erica Segerblom Yerlikaya -