Weekly Group Distance Healing Sessions

There are two distance healing group sessions each Wednesady to join for higher energy work - The 7 Rays of Light and The Mahatma Energy.

This gives great opportunity to bring higher structural soul work into our everyday life and schedule. These frequencies work deeper and on higher levels the more we work with them, enhancing our connection to our higher self and purpose as well as clearing our lower vibrations.

Another important aspect of the work of the distance healing group sessions is the building of the light grids of earth. This is an effect of us coming together within this group structure of clearly intended work of clear levels - we, together, build the light structures of earth through ourselves and our own clear work of light within these group sessions. Together we create a sort of ripple effect of light presence, multiplying itself through each member of the group. Reaching further and further, assisting earth and all of earth in their - our - evolution into new and higher consciousness of Love and Light.

So with each member participating in this work, the Light of the Rays of Light, of The Mahatma Energy, of the Universe, or of God if you will, not only expands, clears and builds our light structures, light bodies and new levels of consciousness, but it builds the light structures, light bodies and new levels of consciousness of all of earth too.

This is the true mission of these groups - we do our work of Light towards our soul embodiment, and it is shared through us, multiplied through the group, for the higher good of all so that all can benefit too. It is the very essence of the structure of all, and it is the very essence of the purpose of these group sessions.

A great way of working with these sessions is to take part as much as possible and to set your intention and dedication towards light. This brings results over time.

All sessions are open for clients worldwide.

The times given are CET, or timezone of Sweden.

The 7 Rays of Light
CET 8-8.50 pm / 20.00-20.50



registration and payment for the entire calendar month €10/session

This session is deeply clearing of the lower levels. The purpose is to clear the lower bodies - the etheric, the physical, the emotional, the mental bodies and the heart centre - and to build the structures needed to connect to the presence of our soul.

The 7 Rays of Light are also the structures of all of earth, holding all there is of earth. This means that doing this work highly enhances our physical presence of light, as well as our wellbeing and ease of life on earth, of manifestation and grounding.

We work with clearing and reaching the highest possibilities within our chakras, with connecting to the universal love, and to the divine plan of our soul.

This work is of building clear light structures as well as finding the keys to physical life on the highest level. It brings forth advancement in our earthly journey and in our evolution as humans of earth becoming souls of earth.

The Mahatma Energy
CET 9-9.50 pm / 21.00-21.50



registration and payment for the entire calendar month €10/session

This work is of reaching the soul connection and embodying all that is needed to do so. The Mahatma Energy specifically focuses on us being able to connect to our soul's presence and to bring it into our physical existence, bit by bit. It is a deeply clearing session, since clarity of our own presence on all levels is what is needed for this connection. But it also constructs the light connections that build this process from us through our heart, our mind or 3rd eye, to our soul level - our causal body.

This work accelerates these connections rapidly. It is strong work with strong results when made intentionally and over time.


All group distance healing sessions are 50 minutes and the cost is €12/session


you can register and pay for a group the entire calendar month for €10/session

For international clients the payment is done through Paypal

 Please contact me here for registration at the latest at 7.30 pm / 19.30 CET at the day of the session.



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