Weekly Group Distance Healing Sessions

Weekly Group Distance Healing Sessions

There are several distance healing group sessions weekly to join for higher energy work. This gives great opportunity to bring higher structural soul work into our everyday life and schedule. These frequencies work deeper and on higher levels the more we work with them, enhancing our connection to our higher self and purpose as well as clearing lower vibrations.

In these group sessions there are a broad range of aspects of lightwork - all equally important for reaching the higher levels of Light and beingness. A great way of working with these sessions is to take part of as many aspects of work as possible and over time.

All sessions are open for clients worldwide.

The times given are CET, or timezone of Sweden.


 All 25 minute sessions - €5/session
All 50 minute sessions - € 10/ session 

 Monthly Healing LARGE

Access to all weekly group healing sessions 
 Join all group sessions, or some - attend as many groups as you wish

 Monthly Healing SMALL
1 set group of 25 minutes
1 set group of 50 minutes

Example: The Mahatma Energy Wed 9-9.25 pm
 Healing of the 10 Archangels Sun 8.30-9.20 pm
 during all of November

 Please contact me here for instructions for easy international payment. 

The Monthly Healing LARGE and SMALL are booked according to the months of the calender. 
Please make your registration to attend the distancehealing groups by email, text or DM on Instagram at the latest at 7.30 pm / 19.30 CET at the day of the session.



22 Chakras
CET 8.00-8.50 pm / 20.00-20.50

In this group we work with The Mahatma Energy to clear and balance our 22 chakras - the 3rd,4th and 5th dimensional chakras and the Earth Star.

12 Rays
CET 9.00-9.50 pm / 21.00-21.50

In this session we wrok with the 12 Rays, but the focus of this session is of the higher Rays, Rays 8-12. They work with our higher levels of beingness - the integration of the soul and monad, entering and anchoring of the 5th dimension, opening of the third eye, the heart and anchoring the Christ Consciousness, as well as clearing our lower levels.



7 Rays 
 CET 8-8.50 pm / 20.00-20.50

Working with The 7 Rays is deeply cleansing of the lower vibrational levels and bodies. It raises our levels of knowledge and wisdom, as well as balances us and gives access to higher qualities and skills of the soul. The 7 Rays of Light are the keys to earthly levels, and to the higher evolution of our spiritual and physical life.

The Mahatma Energy/ The Avatar of Synthesis
 CET 9-9.25 pm / 21.00-21.25

The Mahatma Energy - the highest frequency available for earth at this stage. It raises our vibrational frequency and accelerates ascension, working with clearing of the 4 body system, integration of the soul and monad and prepares the construction of the Antahkarana. This work is also focused on connecting with our Soul Mission and own connection to intuition and higher levels of Light.€5/session

Monadic Healing of the Heart
CET 9.30-9.55 pm / 21.30-21.55 

The focus of this session is of the heart - the key to higher consciousness. We work with connecting to the own monadic vibration - the energy of complete unity, love, compassion and acceptance.



Connecting to Mother Earth
CET 8.00-8.25 pm / 20.00-20.25 

We work with grounding through work of our lower chakras - the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensional chakras - with the Mahatma Energy, and also connects to Mother Earth and integrates her vibration into our heart chakra. 

Healing of the 10 Archangels
 CET 8.30-9.20 pm / 20.30-21.20

We work with the Archangels - connecting with them, their frequencies and qualities, building the Lightbody and the physical Lightbody, and anchoring of the soul and later the monad. There is also a focus of balancing our Yin/Yang aspects to unity.
 This work is done with support of the 10th Ray and The Mahatma Energy.


Archangel Metatron and the Light


CET 9.30-9.55 pm / 21.30-21.55

This session focuses on raising or vibrational frequency and building our light quotation with the Light of Archangel Metatron. We work with building our Lightbody and the Causal body, the Illuminated Mind and the Illuminated Heart.


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