The Rays of Light

The Rays of Light are powerful keys in our work with the soul and with raising our frequency. They are the vibrational steps that we take in our human expansion and within our souls, through life and incarnations. Working consciously with the Rays of Light highly accelerates the pace of our progress. They are our strongest tool on our path to higher beingness.

For clients I offer energywork with 16 Rays - 16 levels of vibration that together builds the step of the path leading to the doorway and first reach of ascension. 

We work with 3 levels:

Rays 1-7

1:1 distance healingsessions and/or group distancehealing sessions

Rays 8-12

1:1 distance healingsessions

Rays 13-16

1:1 distancehealing sessions

The purpose of the energywork with the Rays of Light is to strongly advance in levels of consciousness and beingness, to reach higher levels of anchoring and integration of soulvibration and connection to the higher self and monad - the higher soul, cleansing of the lower bodies, connecting with intuition, clear sight and opening of the third eye, opening the heart chakra and anchoring the Christ Consiousness, and later the universal love vibration, grounding into Mother Earth, and the preparation and construction of Antahkarana, the rainbowbridge.

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