The Mahatma Energy

The Mahatma Energy

The Mahatma Energy raises our vibrational frequency and highly accelerates ascension, works with healing on all levels with deep clearing of the 4 body system. The Mahatma Energy starts the integration of the soul and monad, works with opening our third eye, with anchoring of the Christ Consciousness and prepares the construction of the Antahkarana.

It connects us to our higher self, our godself, the part of us that is Light or Source or God.
This work is also focused on connecting with our Soul Mission and own connection to intuition and higher levels of Light.
Working with this energy also has strong positive impact on the earth and it´s vibrational frequency and the evolution of Light of all.

1:1 Distance Healing Session
The Mahatma Energy
2h €105 

1:1 Distance Healing Session with The Mahatma Energy. 2 hour session - 1 hour healing and reading, and then 1 hour conversation on FaceTime after the session. 

We start this session with 1 hour of energywork or distance healing, working with deep clearing of the lower levels and of blocks, but also with building clear connections to the higher structures of consciousness and the levels of the soul. Preferably this process is done over time, with regular sessions combined with own clear intention and inner work. 

During the energywork, or healing, I receive channelled information from The Mahtama regarding the process of the client - blocks, keys on how to move forward in the work of the soul, but also information about clear spiritual structures and of techniques specifically for you as a client. Over time this builds into a material of both personal information of the own higher path and process, and also of the clear, godly structures of humans, the soul and the earth. After the healing session we go through the channelled information during 1 hour of conversation. Here, there is also room for questions and thoughts. Afterwards the client receives the channelling via e-mail.

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Group Distance Healing Session
The Mahatma Energy 
CET 9-9.50 pm  

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