Rays 1-7

Working with the 7 Rays of Light is a powerful key to accelerating the evolution of the soul. The 7 Rays are the areas of energy that our planetary level is based upon, our inner and outer reality on the levels of earth. They are our areas of expansion and knowledge, and our path of evolution through all incarnations. Each soul of this creation belongs to a Ray, and the expansion of the soul is focused on this.

Everyone works energetically with the Rays, consciously or unconsciously. By working with them consciously we can accelerate our vibrational progress. They are an important tool in the work of the soul. With them we build the Antakaranah, the rainbow bridge, to our monad, or higher soul level.

I offer higher energywork, distancehealing sessions, with the 7 Rays of Light. There are 1:1 sessions and group sessions. I recommend joining both if possible, but if not, the group session available each Wednesday is a forceful alternative of work.

During the 1:1 sessions, we work with all 7 Rays. I recommend doing this session at least 3 times before moving on to working with the higher Rays. It is deeply cleansing work, cleansing the emotional and mental body, moving us on into higher levels of consciousness.

Working with the Rays over some time is preferable. A 1:1 session / month, or even every other month, is a good pace, and also to join the group session in between.

During the 1:1 sessions we look at what Rays are anchored, that means what areas of knowledge we completed during our earthly incarnations. Therefore we will also know what areas are left, and what level of consciousness we hold. We will also look at the meaning and expression of each Ray, how they affect us, and learn more about the divine structural system.

1:1 Distance Healing Session

7 Rays

2 h €105

1 h healing and then conversation on FaceTime after the session.

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Group Distancehealing Session

The 7 Rays of Light


CET 8-8.50 pm / 20.00-20.50

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